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Games are one of the easiest ways to bring joy and happiness to people. Clink is  designed to work nonverbally, thus replacing verbal communication with a new way of interaction.

The toys can be used by anyone - irrespective of their origin.

Dementia is agonizing for everyone involved. This is why Clink is meant to be enjoyed by both parties equally. It is designed to bring focus to the little happy moments of cohesion and love when needed most. 

We live in a rapidly aging society.

Geriatric disorders such as dementia are become increasingly present, exposing communities to new, unexpected challenges. Therefore, there is great relevance in finding innovative solutions that help bring ease and playfulness to the people affected.

Clink strengthens deep relationships in a simple but profound way. Playing with Clink works cross-generationally, creating a bond between the old and the young. It is an approach on how future societies can integrate the elderly and fragile into a well-functioning society prospectively. 

While Clink does not aim to cure dementia, it offers an innovative and playful approach to handling the brain's new maladies. It provides a new way of spending quality time with a loved one, inducing curiosity and stimulating the users' perception of touch and movement. While cognitive stimulation is critical for the therapy of people suffering from dementia, Clink helps create precious moments for all parties involved. 



I am a designer based in the field of design for social good.

The past two years I have been focusing my design practice on demographic changes, the increasing aging of society and related health changes such as dementia. It is my passion to find playful and interactive ways to approach relevant social issues like these. For me design is an amazing tool find sustainable as well as profound solutions.


Leah Schulze

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