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This product addresses the inner urge to create. It consists of a variety of aesthetically appealing geometric objects.

The objects are made of wood and chrome plated steel and those two in combination.

Each object has one or more integrated magnets. Due to the integrated magnets the objects can be connected in a lot of different ways. This activity should happen by the motto: "you can do everything, but you don’t have to".

In cooperation with a partner, many new forms can be created endlessly. Additionally a manual offers to built patterns and figures. Each material offers its very own haptic. Like this an exciting sense stimulation takes place. 

High user friendliness and timeless aesthetics are appealing to everyone, regardless of age and origin. 

33 pieces

materials: steel, magnets, wood: nuttree, maple



© Leah Schulze - 2022 all rights reserved


interactive communication tools

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